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Services For Men (Brotox)

Demand for minimally invasive aesthetic treatments continues to rise, and Botox is at the forefront. Botox is a safe, FDA-approved cosmetic treatment that has been popular among healthy American men and women since its FDA approval in 2002. Millions of people have undergone Botox injections to help smooth facial lines and restore a younger appearance. Botox is injected into the facial muscles, helping to block nerve impulses and relax the muscles. Without contracting facial muscles, lines become less evident and are prevented from worsening.

Introducing Brotox, our Botox treatment for men

Men have it tough these days. They keep getting older while somehow women seem to be getting younger. Keep up with your age group and invest some time and money into keeping up with your looks. They won’t last forever so the best thing you can do is preserve what you got today.

Botox is a rapid cosmetic treatment that takes just minutes to perform from the comfort of our office. The injection is administered using a very fine needle that induces only mild discomfort. You can return to work immediately after the injection.

Why try brotox
  • Age Gracefully & Keep Your Manhood
  • Botox Makes it Easier to Keep Your Poker Face
  • Have More Confidence & Look Better
Starting at $494 - call us for more information

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