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You want to look better. We all do. But it can be overwhelming at times not knowing exactly what services to choose from or what to expect when getting them. We try our best to make the process of cosmetic services as simple as possible. Here you can find some of the most common questions we receive and the answers to them. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a call, text or submit a question on our contact page.


Do you work on Saturdays?2020-02-21T21:46:03+06:00

Saturday appointments are available once a month. 

How do I add services to my existing appointment?2020-02-21T21:45:30+06:00

Contact 469-774-6924 for any scheduling questions or concerns. 

I can’t book an appointment on the day I want to. What should I do?2020-02-21T21:45:46+06:00

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment during a time that you do not see available online you can contact a member on my team at 469-774-6924. Potential last minute openings may be available, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

I couldn’t book an appointment online. What should I do?2020-02-21T21:42:51+06:00

A member of my team is always happy to assist. You can reach us at 469-774-6924 via call or text. 

I couldn’t cancel or reschedule my appointment online. What should I do?2020-02-21T21:43:09+06:00

Contact a member of my team for assistance at 469-774-6924. As stated in the cancellation policy, as long as an appointment is canceled or rescheduled 48 hours prior to an appointment there will be no charges incurred. 

I’m not sure what treatments I need, so how do I book an appointment?2020-02-21T21:46:28+06:00

If you are interested in injectables, but not quite sure which treatments are best for you, I recommend scheduling a consultation. We can then discuss your areas of concern, desires, and goals. We will create a customized treatment plan for your specific needs. 

Why do I need to provide a credit card to book an appointment?2020-02-21T21:47:07+06:00

A valid credit/debit card is required when booking an appointment to reserve the appointment time. This card does not have to be used as your payment after treatment. You can choose to pay with a different debit/credit card, cash or Care Credit. Your card on file will not be charged unless the terms of my cancellation policy are not followed.

Will my card be charged when I book an appointment?2020-02-21T21:47:25+06:00

There are no upfront costs when booking an appointment. All payments are made in the office after your scheduled appointment.


Are your consultations free?2020-02-21T21:46:46+06:00

The consultation fee is $100. This fee is applied to your balance should you decide to receive treatment. 

Can you do a consultation over Instagram (or email or Skype or FaceTime)?2020-02-21T21:51:22+06:00

The only consultations I offer are those that are scheduled in the office. To ensure we create the best treatment plan possible for you, a face-to-face consultation is necessary. 

How much does lip filler (or Botox or Tear Trough Correction) cost?2020-02-21T21:47:54+06:00

Prices for all treatments are listed on the Services Page of the website.

What is included in The Works (or The Mini Works)?2020-02-21T21:47:59+06:00

The Works and The Mini Works are completely tailored to each client’s unique face, and what is needed to reach each client’s specific goals. For example, “The Works” for one patient could be Tear Trough Correction, Temple Correction, Cheek Augmentation, and Chin Augmentation. While for others it could be Tear Trough Correction, Jawline Contouring, and Nasolabial Folds. There is no “one size fits all”. 

What is the difference between Sivan’s Russian Lip and the regular Full Lip?2020-02-21T21:43:29+06:00

The Russian Lip is a specialized blend of filler utilizing a technique I have developed. My Russian Lip focuses primarily on defining the Cupid’s bow, and giving you a super juicy pout. 


Can I get a facial (or microblading or lashes) the day after my injections?2020-02-21T21:48:47+06:00

Clients are recommended to refrain from laying down for 4-5 hours post Botox treatment. Any facials/facial laser treatments need to be scheduled either 2 weeks prior or 2 weeks post injectables. 

I got injected yesterday (or last week or last month) and my lips are swollen (or uneven)…Is this normal?2020-02-21T21:51:12+06:00

Swelling is 100% normal. Swelling is present for up to 6 weeks post treatment, and can cause lips to “look” uneven as swelling is never symmetrical. An in-office follow up can be scheduled for 6 weeks post treatment, where any asymmetry or concerns can be addressed. 

I heard lip injections can cause fever blisters (or cold sores). Is that true?!2020-02-21T21:50:25+06:00

If you have a prior history of fever blisters or cold sores any trauma to the lips can potentially trigger them(i.e lip injectables.) If you are concerned about potentially having a reaction after treatment, we have an in-house nurse who can prescribe an antiviral medication for you to start taking prior to your scheduled treatment. 

I’m pregnant (or breastfeeding)…will you inject me?2020-02-21T21:50:31+06:00

Any injectable treatment will need to wait until after pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. 


Do you ever offer discounts?2020-02-21T21:51:29+06:00

There are several giveaways that I do throughout the year, but I do not offer discounts. 

Do you offer Botox parties?2020-02-21T21:50:45+06:00

I do not inject outside of my office. While I appreciate the lure of convenience for the patient, I prefer to inject safely in a sterile, medical environment. 

Do you teach?2020-02-21T21:51:40+06:00

I am not currently offering any teaching or training, but there are great trainers out there that I love! InjectorJess, Julie Horn, The Consultant Clinic, GET SIVAN’S FAVORITE TRAINERS! 

I can’t afford #LipsBySivan, who else can you recommend?2020-02-21T21:51:35+06:00

Injectables are not something you want to skimp on, or take the cheaper route on. Cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to something as important as your face. It is very important that your injector is both skilled, and medically qualified. 



With the partnership between Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery Center & Lips By Sivan, we are able to provide the best service with the supervision of DFW’s top plastic surgeon, Dr. Deuber. First time visitors will be seen by the doctor and cleared for treatment before any work is done.


Our staff is fully-licensed in Texas & is dedicated to taking care of you from start to finish.


For multiple years, Sivan has been awarded as one of the top 100 injectors in the nation.


We only use the best products available to service our patients that get the best results.



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